The Interview with Marc Gebauer and Ben Loos

Behind the Band: Discover the Craftsmanship of TINOetTINO with Marc Gebauer and Ben Loos

When it comes to the universe of luxury watches, aficionados know that a timepiece is more than a mere instrument for telling time—it's a celebration of engineering, art, and personal style. Many people invest in high-end wristwatches like Rolex, Audemars Piguet, or Richard Mille, but often overlook the critical component that brings it all together: the watch band. Ben Loos, the visionary founder of TINOetTINO, recognizes that to fully articulate a luxury experience, one must look beyond the watch face. The in-depth conversation between Ben and watch expert Marc Gebauer shed light on the intricate world of watch bands, leather craftsmanship, and how TINOetTINO elevates the whole concept. “I have really been through all the band themes since 2016, because I have always played around with them myself with my suits. I have never seen so much competence and so much effort and so many details as I have seen with you.” Says Marc Gebauer in the Interview.

A Symphony of Elegance: Beyond The Watch Face

While iconic wristwatch brands like Rolex and Patek Philippe capture the limelight, Ben Loos passionately argues that a truly stunning watch ensemble should consider the band as more than a mere afterthought. TINOetTINO takes the concept of watch bands to a whole new level, treating each piece as an individual work of art that contributes to a comprehensive luxury experience. When you purchase a TINOetTINO MASTERSTRAP, you're not just buying an accessory; you're investing in a curated experience that includes high-quality alcantara travel cases, and new spring bars.

The Masterful Art of Attention to Detail

The craftsmen at TINOetTINO practice meticulous care in every stitch and cut. Each MASTERSTRAP purchase includes a carefully crafted booklet, rich with the history of the brand. In today's digital age, the booklet also includes QR Codes directing you to cleaning instructions—imperative for those indulging in the brand's signature, cow hide, alligator and Alcantara bands. Furthermore, TINOetTINO offers limited-edition authentication cards.

Material Matters: A Fresh Take on Leather and Fabrics

The materials used for TINOetTINO bands are as unique as the individuals who wear them. From exotic alligator leather to plush Alcantara fabric, the quality is uncompromised. These premium materials are not just about aesthetics; they are about providing unparalleled comfort and durability to match the longevity of your luxury wristwatch.

Pioneering the Future: Upcoming Innovations at TINOetTINO

In a rapidly evolving market of watch accessories, TINOetTINO stands out as a disruptor. While their focus is currently on enhancing Rolex models, Ben Loos revealed that the horizon looks broad and promising. The brand plans to expand its offerings to other Rolex types and is even contemplating further luxury watchmakers like Richard Mille. An intriguing upcoming feature is the customizable clasp, which will let owners add an additional layer of personalization to their bespoke watch bands, if they wish to.

Your Imagination, Their Canvas

One of the most exciting aspects of TINOetTINO is the virtually limitless customizability. Whether you desire a band that matches the exact shade of your new Porsche GT3 like Marc Gebauer or wish to experiment with unconventional colors and textures, the artisans at TINOetTINO can make it a reality.

Elevating the Luxury Accessory Experience

In a saturated world of mass-produced watch accessories, TINOetTINO is a sanctuary for craftsmanship, quality, and individuality. With their relentless focus on details and customization, they turn each watch band into a singular masterpiece—an extension of both the watch and the person wearing it.

 If you're intrigued by the luxurious world of bespoke watch bands and long to make your own personal statement, then TINOetTINO deserves your attention. With exciting new offerings on the horizon, this is one brand you won't want to lose track of time following.



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