The idea

The concept of the MASTERSTRAPS by TINOetTINO :

For us, a leather strap equal to a watch could never be one that is manufactured and sold in every color as a mass product for every watch model, because at the latest from the third model onwards you should acknowledge the compromise you are making and remember the brown cannot match every watch.

This is how the concept of the MASTERSTRAPS by TINOetTINO came about over a long period of conceptual work. Today, MASTERSTRAPS mean adjustments that are perfectly tailored to the individual watch, but how were the MASTERSTRAPS optically adjusted?

It quickly became clear to us that an optical adjustment can mean both one and the other. An adjustment can therefore be very simple and really record the look that is already given, or an adjustment can also mean that only individual elements can be recorded and reproduced in a significantly enhanced form through related colors up to extreme matching colors. Again, it quickly became clear to us that either only one or only the other could not be implemented
option because it would have been a compromise.

The concept of the two collections

That an adjustment can be different, but we knew how the concrete form of presentation of the two options could look like, which materials adapt to which handle, what is to be processed and how, that was what we had to find out.
After long design processes and a lot of "materials science" we decided to process our CLASSICS , i.e. the calmer design, with natural cow leather. A fine, high-quality cowhide with a beautiful structure, which should be excellent for this project and these designs.

Even the first EXOTICS designs were very unusual, so that you could only choose an extravagant leather, and we chose the alligator. A special, always different in its structure, but very noble leather. This was followed by numerous leather samples and color developments. Since every alligator is varnished and finished from the start, and in the case of nubuck even sanded by hand, the first step was to find out how the hides absorb the colour. But after some time, considering a color development can take more than a month, the colors were also right and we only had to decide on the "versions" of the leather. An open-pored, suede-like surface, i.e. nubuck, a smooth, closed surface, which is called a safari finish. So we tested which surface gave which color the best effect and made our choice.

The quality and the housing connection

The highest demand on our MASTERTSRAPS was always that
Quality. A perfectly connected housing-integrated connection is part of a high-quality leather bracelet and is therefore also one of the minimum requirements for the MASTERSTRAPS . Each model from our collection was laser measured and then evaluated. After the laser measurement, it was time to have an inlay made, which specifies the connection shape and thus guarantees the accuracy of fit. Starting with a technical drawing of the inlay, followed by the first designs and prototypes made of plastic, we finally moved on to tool construction. A total of eight tools followed until we finally held the first batch of the final inlays with the desired titanium housing connection in our hands.