The basic idea of ​​the MASTERSTRAPS by TINOetTINO was initially the development of a leather strap, which is on a par with the watch. The basic prerequisite for this was, of course, to create a product that leaves no question unanswered in terms of both quality and technical implementation and is perfectly processed without exception. Another at least equally important requirement, which had to be fulfilled under all circumstances, was to continue to perceive and appreciate the watch as a total work of art. A leather strap in a random color, which should still be used for any watch, can never meet a luxury product on an equal footing, but simply devalues ​​it! TINOetTINO should never take this path, which is why the MASTERSTRAPS are only offered in a limited edition and have been specially developed over two years for each model offered. The MASTERSTRAPS appear in two collections that take a completely different path, but still share the commonality that they adapt to the watch in a certain way and add to its character.