Product Care

Welcome to the world of TINOetTINO , where craftsmanship and attention to detail meet! Our MASTERSTRAPS are by no means ordinary leather straps - they are works of art that are handcrafted with passion and dedication.

But what makes them so special?

Our products are made by hand with the utmost care and combine quality and elegance down to the last detail. Starting with the striking design, the choice of high-quality leather and the color development, each MASTERSTRAP becomes an absolute work of art that reflects your personality and
expresses your individual style.

Wear your MASTERSTRAP by TINOetTINO with pride and joy and watch it develop a unique patina over time and become a part of your story!

To keep your MASTERSTRAP in the best possible condition, careful care is essential. Follow these important tips to protect your leather:

Protect your MASTERSTRAP by TINOetTINO from the elements

Leather is sensitive to water, grease, heat, light, high humidity and dryness. Therefore, avoid excessive exposure to these elements. Make sure your MASTERSTRAPS are not exposed to excessive direct sunlight or heat sources to avoid color and quality changes.

Immediate cleaning upon contact with water

If your MASTERSTRAPS come into contact with water, wipe them off immediately with a soft, lint-free cloth. This largely prevents unsightly edges or discolouration.

Regular cleaning

Regularly remove dirt and dust from the surface of your leather products. Use a slightly damp cloth, if at all, or a very soft brush and clean the leather gently and evenly so that your cleaning has the opportunity to have an even impact on the patina of your MASTERSTRAPS. Avoid aggressive cleaning agents to prevent damage to the leather.

Proper Drying

If your leather product gets wet, allow it to air dry. Avoid direct sunlight or sources of heat. Do not use hair dryers or other sources of heat as these can dry out and damage the leather.


Store your MASTERSTRAPS by TINOetTINO in a dry and ventilated place. To protect from dust and light, use a cloth pouch or special leather cases like the included case.
By following these tips, you can ensure that your MASTERSTRAP stays beautiful and in good condition for a long time.

Lasting beauty

Your MASTERSTRAP needs a break from time to time in order to retain its full beauty. When not being worn, it should be kept in the best conditions: away from light, extreme temperatures and humidity and, if possible, in a watch holder designed for the watch so that your MASTERSTRAP keeps its usual shape and does not get kinked. It is advisable to avoid desiccant bags as they could dry out the leather.

By following these storage tips, you will ensure that your MASTERSTRAP is optimally protected and preserves its unique elegance even during its rest periods.